If Emperor Cuomo ever ran a small business, he would put himself out of work.

The Emperor is at it again, changing mid-steam and making it impossible for small businesses to keep up with his ever-changing rules.  It has become very obvious that this man has never held a job in the real world, couldn’t run a business, and couldn’t keep employees due to his constant changing how things are done.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new bar rules are killing NYC businesses.  One should also note it is killing the moral of owners and patrons.  How much are they expected to endure, Emperor Cuomo?

Today’s NY Post editorial that we agree with states:  With COVID-19 deaths near zero and economy on its knees, NYC must reopen wide.

Governor Cuomo admits NYC is in a state of decline, but no help is needed and no need for federal involvement.  So, Governor, you may be surprised that I see that as a semi-positive statement.  Since there is no need for federal involvement, you won’t be looking for a federal bailout to pay for all the costs associated with this crime wave and loss of revenue from the closing of New York.  New York must be doing better financially or are you counting on that pot-of-gold at the end of a rainbow?  Knowing how the legislature thinks, it may just be relying on the pot.  (I pray they won’t slip this into law as they scramble to end this very strange session.)  No matter how you look at it, New York is broke and looking for ways to recover monies lost to COVID-19.  Senate Minority Leader, Rob Ortt, writes this in today’s NY Post:  NY Democrats’ insane bid to bleed wealthy — when they’re already fleeing state.

We find it rather amusing that failed presidential candidate, Beto O’Rourke, took time from his skateboarding, and said that Texas desperately needs a Governor like Andrew Cuomo, “someone who’s going to be guided by the facts and the science and the truth, and whose sole mission is going to be saving the lives of those that he is elected to serve.”  He obviously missed all the articles on the mishandling of COVID-19 patients sent to nursing homes.  And he obviously doesn’t understand math; New York’s population 19.4 million, 32,228 deaths.  Texas’ population 29.9 million, 4,522 deaths.  Hey Beto, New York would welcome Governor Abbott, but, now that we have informed you of the real Governor Cuomo record, do you still think Texas would be better with Governor Andrew Cuomo?  You two boys would have so much in common; he’s yours if you want him, you can skateboard and he will drive his muscle cars in the wide-open spaces of Texas.  And we would have a responsible governor who knows how to govern.

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Brian Patrick Eha writes in the City-Journal about the Media and the Virus; American press coverage of Covid-19 was first dismissive, then alarmist—but always condescending.

This is disappointing, but not surprising.  Sad that Americans are hesitant to express their political views, I would venture that most that are hesitant lean or are conservative.  Never fear; we always express our political views.  (And if you help support us, we can spread our views further.)

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If Unborn Lives Don’t Matter, No Lives Matter.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.