Governor Cuomo’s rules … how long will New Yorkers abide by the ever-changing rules.

Today’s NY Post editorial:  Gov. Cuomo admits he was wrong to order nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients.  Gov. Cuomo admits he was wrong?  Did we read that right?  “Gov. Andrew Cuomo has finally admitted — tacitly and partially, anyway — the mistake that was state health chief Howard Zucker’s order that nursing homes must admit coronavirus-positive patients.”  Ah, the key words are “tacitly and partially,” that makes more sense because we all know that Gov. Cuomo seldom says he is wrong.  As the NY Post front page notes: 5,200 deaths too late.

Cuomo’s nursing home reversal is too little, too late for those now dead: Goodwin

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The Real Center of the Pandemic.

King Andrew is still moving the goal posts.  Any questions that he may have changed his mind, just watch today’s daily presser here.  Today’s presser also continues to deflect blame on why New York’s COVID-19 numbers are so high.  He reiterates that during January, February and March hundreds of thousands of people landed at JFK and Newark from Europe who must have been sick without the experts (while not saying the Trump Administration, but certainly implying it) did not sound the alarm and did not stop travel from Europe until COVID-19 was established here.  Experts may agree that the COVID-19 on the east coast is from Europe; however, it does not mitigate the fact that sick patients were sent to nursing homes where everyone knew it would spread like fire through dry grass.  Sign our petition here.

Governor Cuomo will keep us in PAUSE if we let him.  The democratic controlled Legislature gave him the ability to do as he deems fit while they avoid Albany and are content letting him use his bully pulpit to frighten the citizens of New York.  Last week he noted 66% of all new hospitalizations were people sheltering place and fewer NY healthcare workers are being infected with COVID-19 compared to public.  Andrew Cuomo, it is time to follow the facts.  Stop moving the goal posts and let people get back to work.

It’s Time for Some Commonsense ‘MommySense’ on COVID-19 and Personal Freedom“Right now, the biggest crisis in our country isn’t the virus; it’s government “controllers” using the pandemic to seize power we never gave them and big-government cheerleaders in the media instigating it.” (emphasis added by cpnys)

As COVID-19 Panic Subsides, It’s Time for a U-Turn on the Road to Serfdom.

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