Assemblyman Gottfried makes a strong case for an independent investigation of New York’s nursing home crisis.

Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, long time chairman of the Assembly Health Committee, is right when he notes that AG James and the Department of Health are not the right entities to investigate the high number of nursing homes deaths in New York State.  Tom Precious’s article in the Buffalo News is excellent in pointing out the background that has led to numerous calls for an independent investigation.  The Conservative Party urges you to join our efforts to have Attorney General William Barr investigate this heart wrenching additional crisis in New York.

Seriously?  And yet, Andrew Cuomo thinks the Department of Health can investigate itself.  Sign our petition here.

Could Property Taxpayers in New York Feel the Pandemic Pinch?  Personally, I don’t think the question is could, but how big an increase will it be.

Mayor Clueless:  As he talked layoffs, de Blasio spent $2 million on hiring and promotions in City Hall.

Unleash the entrepreneurs America needs to build a post-coronavirus economy.

From National Review:  Yes, the Flynn Dismissal Upholds the Rule of Law.

Why is Obama Panicking Now?  – The Importance of Understanding Political Surveillance in The Era of President Obama…

It looks like President Obama ordered up phony RussiaGate scandal.

How ‘Stakeholder’ Movement Could Hinder Economic Recovery From COVID-19.

Economic Well-Being Matters, Too.

This is a must-read article to enlighten the citizens of NY what they pay per pupil for education; 91% more than the national average.  The next time Gov. Cuomo stresses we need more money for education, remember this article.  NY school spending hits new record.

Gee, Senator Schumer did Dr. Fauci let you down?  Dr. Fauci Dismisses Narrative of ‘Confrontational’ Relationship with President Trump in Question from Sen. Loeffler.

Oh my, Gov. Cuomo is calling for a federal bill that has no handouts for “greedy corporations.”  Gov. why is it okay for greedy states?  You started the year with a $6 billion deficit and offered a budget that did not close the deficit, made smoke and mirror adjustments, knew about coronavirus, closed down New York’s’ economy, you continue to keep it closed (despite the fact that even your facts have 66% of the newest cases among people who are staying home) and expect the federal government to bail you out?  Where are the feds supposed to get the money from?  We all pay federal, state, and local taxes, every family pays all taxes and every level is losing income.  So, every level will have to make the sacrifices.  He mentions education, see the paragraph above on how much NY spends on education.  And unfortunately, our students do not reflect the fact that New Yorkers pay 91% more than the national average.  The simple fact is New York spends too much from A to Z, from Montauk Point to Buffalo, in every aspect of NY government.  While I am at, why aren’t NY’s gasoline taxes fixing New York’s infrastructure?  Without a doubt, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, inherited his father’s gift of speaking…and the inability to truly understand how to be a fiscally responsible politician.

BTW, Governor Cuomo, yes,  it is true that emergency personnel wear protection while working with COVID-19 patients which certainly is one explanation why they are getting the virus at a lower rate, but, it can also be that because they are exposed to the virus they may be building up antibodies.   If we use the time from now to the fall, perhaps we can escape a second deadly wave by being exposed also; a naturally occurring “vaccination.”


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