Each new day brings Americans more devastating news of death due to the coronavirus currently ravishing the everyday lives of our citizens.  Here in New York state, the number of those dying is heartbreaking, especially when you examine the number of deaths that have occurred in our nursing homes.  We, the signers of this petition urge, AG William Barr to examine why New York’s nursing home deaths are so high in respect to other states.

Whereas, the Coronavirus crisis has wreaked havoc on American lives and caused the death of far too many or our citizens;

Whereas, New York’s nursing homes have an unusually high number of deaths;

Whereas, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has acknowledged that nursing homes face danger from the coronavirus outbreak because of their vulnerable sick and elderly residents;

Whereas, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said “It just takes one [infected] person … to walk in there and then it is fire through dry grass.”

Whereas, On March 25, the NYS Department of Health decreed that nursing homes and rehab centers could not use a positive COVID-19 test as the sole basis for rejecting a patient being referred from hospitals;

Whereas, Gov. Cuomo has repeatedly stated that the rules and regulations require a nursing home to admit/readmit these critically ill patients;

Whereas, patients were reluctantly accepted – with body bags accompanying the gravely ill patients;

Whereas; The state Health Department allowed nurses and other staff who tested positive for the coronavirus to continue treating COVID-19 patients;

Whereas; Gov. Cuomo has called for an investigation into these complaints by the state Attorney General and the state Department of Health;

Whereas; We, the signers, strongly believe that the state Attorney General and the state Department of Health are political functionaries, and thereby not in the position to investigate themselves;

We therefor ask you, Attorney General William Barr, to conduct an independent investigation into the grave miss steps and errors causing the unusually high numbers of deaths occurring in nursing homes in New York State.

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