The real desperate Senator Charles Schumer showed his true colors in front of the US Supreme Court yesterday.

Sen. Charles Schumer absolutely crossed the line yesterday with his personal attack on Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.  His remarks were meant for them, despite the attempt to clarify them.  Sen. Schumer is a hypocrite who does all he can to create havoc while he claims it is the conservatives that create havoc.  Senator Mitch McConnell finally called Sen. Schumer out on the Senate floor earlier today.  As of this writing, Sen. Schumer, has only doubled down and refuses to fully apologize.   Curt Levey thinks the best way to teach Sen. Schumer a lesson is to re-elect Trump.  Our earlier press release — Schumer the Hypocrite – sums up the Conservative Party’s reaction to his remarks in front of the US Supreme Court yesterday.

Despite what Bernie and his buddies tell you, Government-Controlled Health Care Won’t Help Us Live Longer.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren drops out, as of now, has not endorsed either of the two front runners.

You haven’t heard the last from rejected presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s quest to oust President Donald J. Trump.

Here is Tucker Carlson’s take on former VP Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday win and surge to the front of the pack.

New York State Association of Counties: Cuomo’s budget would hurt counties.

Perhaps one of the best editorials written by the NY Post in the last several years:  The Legislature’s lunatic surrender to Gov. Cuomo.

Speaking of the legislature would somebody please explain to me why the members are allowing liquor in ice cream while banning flavored cigarettes because children are attracted to flavored cigarettes.  Aren’t children attracted to ice cream?  In fact, I would think children are more attracted to ice cream than cigarettes.  I personally believe it is the parents’ responsibility to keep cigarettes and liquor away from their children and I really do not understand why anyone would smoke knowing what we know about the health risks associated with cigarettes.  (Yes, I am a former smoker.)  As an adult, if I want liquor in my ice cream, I can pour it on a bowl of ice cream.  I’m not opposed to liquor in ice cream, but I do find it amusing that the legislators think flavored cigarettes should be banned while liquor in ice cream is okay.

Wilfred Reilly is an associate professor of political science at Kentucky State University and the latest person to pan the NY Times 1619 project.

City-Journal asks the question: Is Trump’s Budget an Attack on the Poor?

The Progressive movement has lost all sense of reality in its total lack respect for endangering lives of those who would be exposed to this ill-conceived idea.  Coming Soon Near You: Government-Approved Places to Shoot Drugs.

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