Schumer the Hypocrite

For Immediate Release
March 5, 2020
Contact:  Shaun Marie
518-356-7882   @cpnys

Schumer the Hypocrite

 “Senator Chuck Schumer crossed a dangerous line yesterday, and he has to address it head-on. His response so far has been entirely inadequate, if not downright mealy-mouthed.

“Threatening Supreme Court justices in an attempt to score political points with an advocacy group is well beneath the dignity of a United States Senator. It puts the independence of the Court at risk by seeking to intimidate its justices.

“This is no small matter: Mr. Schumer has introduced an egregious precedent at the highest levels of government, and he must not be allowed to skirt accountability for it. A full retraction and apology are urgently required. Anything less will demean Mr. Schumer’s legacy as a senator.”

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