Is the democratic dream team Sanders and Sarsour?

The United States Constitution, the brilliant work of our Founding Fathers, was ratified on September 17, 1787 after a long hard-fought battle.  The US Constitution created a government that is the envy of the world; people have emigrated to America since its inception and 232 years after establishing a country run by “we the people” people are still searching for the American Dream crossing our borders with and without permission.  Unfortunately, many who are choosing to break the rules seeking all that our US Constitution offers her citizens are threating the very essence of America’s hope for all humanity.

The United States of America has always welcomed immigrants and we still do, but, the immigrants we welcome should respect the US Constitution and understand that abiding by the rule of law has been the foundation that has made America, in her very short history, the country that has raised the standard of living in every aspect of life, in every corner of this magnificent planet.

Socialism had absolutely nothing to do with creating the hope that America dispenses around the world; and socialism, if adopted by American voters, because they have become unwilling to work for the American Dream and want government to provide it to them, our US Constitution will be shredded by the very people who claim they will make America a utopia where health care is free, education is free, guns are confiscated and dissent is verboten (think of today’s college campuses .)

Celebrate our US Constitution today and every day and work hard to make certain America and the people who choose to live here, abide by the brilliance of our Founding Fathers.

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