Sen. Elizabeth Warren can’t handle Stephen Colbert; how will she be able to run America?

State Chairman Gerard Kassar opines in the Albany Times Union:  To threaten fusion voting is to threaten democracy.  If anyone has any doubts that the Commission’s work has already been decided, you should read Politico’s article, Democrats recruit speakers to testify against fusion voting.   Karen Dewitt covered the public hearing and reported on the tension when it was apparent that Mr. Jacobs was recruiting speakers and Gov. Cuomo saw nothing out of the ordinary with people doing that.   Jimmy Vielkind, covered the hearing for the Wall Street Journal (subscription required.)

Another United Nations human rights wrong.

Some things never change; Unions still making big donations – to democrats.

Not all democrats want to abolish the 2nd Amendment.

U.S. Abortion Rate Drops to Lowest Point Since Roe v. Wade, but as Sen. Marco Rubio said “While some have greeted the news that there was a decline in abortions last year as good news, the fact of the matter remains that close to 900,000 unborn human beings were killed last year before they even had a chance to do anything, before they even had a chance to have a name.”   What Does It Mean to Destroy a Fetus?

Get on board or be called a ‘bigot’: dilemma facing parents against Carranza’s ‘Diversity’.  One is constantly reminded that everything possible must be done to end bullying, yet, New York Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza is a blatant bully who won’t budge on his diversity program.  Which message should students follow:  end bullying or be the biggest bully in the school yard?

De Blasio admits wife’s $1B ThriveNYC program is ailing.

Awkward: Colbert Corners Warren on Middle Tax Class Increases, Calls Her Out When She Dodges.

Odd Allies Are Coming Together to Defend Free Speech.

Walter E. Williams’ latest column.