The Gray Lady left the building

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings,” however, in this case, it may well be when the Gray Lady leaves the building.  The NY Times has lost almost all its credibility when it dropped its anti-Kavanaugh bombshell; and then had it spread like wild fire among the 2020 democratic presidential candidates.   It is incomprehensible to me that the New York Times, once considered the national newspaper of record, could disregard verifying facts and descend to scrapping the bottom of the barrel for a headline designed to bring disgrace to Justice Kavanaugh and President Donald J. Trump.

Reminder: No Meaningful Evidence Corroborates Any of the Kavanaugh Accusations, Several of Which Fell Apart.

Robert J. Knight writes in the Washington Times about the fake news narrative is that ‘Trump is in trouble’.

Why the facts of a constitutional republic must trump lies

How soon the democrats forget what they have said:  In 2013, Castro Praised Obama ‘Enforcement’ on Immigration and ‘Borders mean something’: Eric Holder tells Democrats to propose ‘realistic’ immigration policies.

Charles Hurt writes, in the Washington Times,  why Trump is still winning.

Another editorial that believes state legislators should be writing laws, not commissions.   ANOTHER VIEW: State should write own laws, not rely on commissions.

The Regents’ latest step on the road to ruin for New York schools.

Nicole Gelinas opines in today’s NY Post that De Blasio’s next ‘gift’ for workers is murder for mom-and-pop shops.

Did this abortionist take the life of the person who could have found a cure for cancer?

Sometimes we just need some happy news.