Are the raging fires in the Amazon really worse than ever before?

Today’s Washington Times’ editorial:   Playing chicken with China.

True to form, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is resorting to giving away something to get you to pay attention to her.  In a desperate attempt to get unique donors to qualify for the next debate, NY’s senator will give you a $30 T-Shirt for a $1.00 donation.

Obviously, former VP Joe Biden, is not radical enough to be Linda Sarsour’s president.  The extreme leader of the Woman’s March, is telling anyone who will listen that people should worry about Biden’s overall health.

Jennifer Ruben, at one time – maybe even currently – wrote a column in the Washington Post that alluded to the fact that she approached the topic “from the right.”  Well, Ms. Ruben if you think the Republican, and by extension, here in NY the Conservative Party, “needs to be burnt to a crisp,” you have absolutely no idea, not one iota of an idea, of what the Right stands for.  In all honesty, you never did.

Two leading publications, the Washington Times and National Review,  take the NY Times to task on their 1619 project.

About the Amazon Fires:  Annual Amazon farmland burn sets records for international outrage and Climate alarmism over Amazon fires doused by NASA, scientists.

Sad, but true.  Last 2 decades of God-less education blamed for eroding values.

Guy Benson has some thoughts on led by millennials, Americans value Patriotism, God, and children less than ever.

Wow, what a surprise, the panel was put together by Mayor de Blasio.  Did they have a choice as to what they would recommend?  School diversity panel wants city to scrap gifted programs.  Let’s not let anyone excel, Mr. Mayor, and while we are at it, let’s end the World Series, the Stanley Cup finals, the Super Bowl and maybe even the Olympics.

Robert J. Bellaflore writes in the NY Post:  The war on charters is a war to deny minority opportunity.