Dr. Chartock and Chairman Kassar discuss the issues of the day.

Dr. Alan Chartock interviews Chairman Jerry Kassar on WAMC radio.  Listen here.

Tucker Carlson opines on Sen. Kirsten Gillbrand’s dropping out of presidential race, calling her the worst candidate to ever run.

E. J.. McMahon continues to discuss Governor Cuomo’s plan to mandate new license plates that we have to pay for despite the pushback by both sides of the legislative aisle.

Today’s NY Post editorial calls for an end to the politics holding up the repaving of a section of I-90, a federal route.

Beijing is pushing for innocent bloodshed in Hong Kong.

James Comey has plenty of chutzpah expecting an apology.  Here are Katie Pavlich’s and Guy Benson’s reaction to the DOJ report.

Heading in the wrong direction: 45 Percent of College Students Want ‘In God We Trust’ Removed from Currency.

Our Changing Values Should Worry Us. But We Can Still Change Course.

Academia Today ‘Not for Faint-Hearted,’ Says Professor Who Lost His Job for Talking About Gender.

Once again, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has to be schooled on the Electoral College.

A reminder:  7 Reasons Taylor Swift (or anyone else, especially elected officials) Shouldn’t Support Equality Act.

It appears that former VP Joe Biden is getting a little anxious:  Biden calls racism a ‘white man’s problem,’ touts search for woman ‘of color’ as running mate.

Victor Davis Hanson asks the question:  Why socialism, and why now?

Sad, but oh so true:  Killing Gifted & Talented programs is de Blasio’s next step in war on excellence in education.

Walter E. Williams opines about the beginning of US slavery.