Religious freedom wins again.

Sunday’s editorial in, NY license plate fee smells like a money grab, reflects the opinion of  most drivers in New York State.   E. J. McMahon wrote this in the NY Post:  NY’s new license-plate costs will ‘drive’ motorists nuts.  While the NY Post called the plan “bizarre.”

Sunday’s NY Post editorial, New York is about to miss this great chance to boost its economy,  explains the problems associated with Gov. Cuomo’s choice of Eric Gertler heading up NY’s economic-development agency.  “Based on state data between 2010 and 2016, non-city jobs grew a paltry 1 percent a year. Then, from 2016 through last June, job growth slowed to a near halt: 0.5 percent annually…with Democrats in control of both houses of the Legislature and Cuomo showing no desire to change course, expect the state’s grueling taxes and burdensome rules …to only grow worse.  Doesn’t give upstate NY any reason for hope, does it?

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals stood up for religious freedom with this ruling.  The First Amendment prevailed, now, if only the First Amendment would prevail on college campuses.

Will New York take a chance on high-tech congestion pricing?  Congestion pricing is on its way, however, how it will be implemented will determine the costs associated with congestion pricing.

The Unchanging Principles of Conservatism Defined.

Charles Hurt writes this in the Washington Times:  Blame the shooter, not law-abiding gun owners.

Newt Gingrich asks the question, 1619 or 1776: Which Defined America?

Dan Crenshaw on Socialism, Congress, and the Miracle of America.

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