What did the DMV say in May of 2019 about peeling license plates?

Miranda Devine writes in today’s NY Post that the war on cops imperils us all.  Yesterday, Bob McManus wrote that NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill chose his badge — over what’s right.  Even after Officer Pantaleo’s firing, public safety is foremost was yesterday’s NY Post editorial.  The last sentence of the editorial; “The city’s at a crisis point. Everyone in a leadership position must understand that the safety of the public is foremost — and cops need help to ensure it,” says it all.  Again we, the Conservative Party of NYS states this loud and clear:   We stand proudly with our law enforcement officers.

Every time Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posts her thoughts on social media, I have to wonder if she slept through all her classes at Boston U.  AOC’s latest gem:   Electoral College a racist ‘scam’ that ‘has to go’.  Fortunately, Tara Ross, takes the time in a Townhall.com column, to explain why New York’s Congresswoman is so wrong.

Meanwhile, Court rules Electoral College members aren’t bound by popular vote.  This is an interesting case and one that will ultimately end up in the US Supreme Court “because it conflicts with a decision from Washington state’s Supreme Court.”

Speaking of court cases, the commission that is exploring campaigning financing and fusion voting –  the commission we filed a lawsuit againstmet yesterday and has 5 more meetings pending.  We maintain that this commission does not have the authority to change Election Law and that authority rests solely with the NYS Legislature and that the rights of Fusion Voting and cross endorsement are settled law protected by numerous court decisions.  (Donations to help defray the cost of our lawsuit, would be thankfully accepted at  https://secure.anedot.com/nyscp/donate)

Governor Cuomo’s surreptitious tax increase – the $25 mandated fee for new license plates – is expected to raise $75M in its first wave.  It is a burden on each family, but small businesses with fleets will really feel the pinch.  Gov. Cuomo defends the cost of replacement, and that it is absolutely necessary that 10-year-old plates are replaced because cashless tolls can’t read peeling plates.  Gov., can you explain this DMV statement?

Tiana Lowe writes in the Washington Examiner that Joe Biden is playing to win.

America’s cities pushing out middle class and families, author Joel Kotkin tells Tucker Carlson.

San Fran City Govt’s Response to Rising Crime Rate: Change ‘Convicted Felon’ to ‘Justice-Involved Person’.   (Has the education system completely failed?  How can people put these people in office?)  Here is the actual language used in the SF Resolution.

Charles Hurt had this to say last Sunday:  Blame the shooter, not law-abiding gun owners.   Dr. Lott:  Democrat gun restrictions not making Americans safer.

Trump’s right: More mentally ill Americans need hospitalization.

The New York Times Is Trying to Rewrite History to Fit Its Biases.

Walter E. Williams opines on what will they learn at college?


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