Could you keep 958 people out of harms way 24/7?

Leave it to Governor Cuomo to mandate — not legislate — a new tax on drivers in New York State.  Drivers, are being placed in an unbecoming category akin to a smoker, being taxed for everything possible.  New Yorkers payed an average of $.45 per gallon in 2018, the 5th highest in the nation.  Soon (Jan. 1, 2021) New Yorkers will have to pay a fee for congestion pricing in New York City. Crossing the bridges and tunnels and driving on the Thruway are also ways to tax those driving in New York.  Yesterday, Governor Cuomo decided license plates that are 10 years old, MUST be replaced for a $25 fee and if you want to keep the same license plate, it will be an additional $20 fee.  But you should be happy, you can vote on which license plate New York State will go with.  Since one of the prototypes is of the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, don’t bother to vote; the Governor hasn’t told you yet, but that will be the winning plate.

Some legislators are not happy about the Governor’s license plate plan.

Piece by piece, Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O’Neill, are doing all they can to demoralize New York’s Finest.  Ladies and Gentlemen of the NYPD: we stand with you!  You are the finest, you keep New Yorkers and those visiting the greatest city in the nation safe.  Events are safe because of your dedication to the rule of law.  We SALUTE you and all that you do to keep New York safe.  We understand the trauma of being first on the scene of a horrific accident or murder.  We understand that you are always on duty and often have work on holidays unable to be with your families.  Stand PROUD. Stand STRONG.  36,000 police officers protect approximately 8.623M residents, considering there are four shifts, each shift, would equal about one police officer for each 958 residents.  Who dares to say they do not do a phenomenal job…other than their Commissioner and Mayor de Blasio?

Victor Davis Hanson has some great insight on elected officials and what issues they campaign on.

Will Chamberlain writes in Human Events how Speaker Nancy Pelosi is just watching “The Squad” dominate the Democratic Party.  The Speaker better assert herself soon, before all is lost.

Rich Lowry opines on the left’s vile smear of America’s founding.

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Do you ever wonder why health care costs so much?  New York issues emergency rules targeting abuse of medical exemptions for student vaccines; this new rule requires doctors to fill out detailed forms about the legitimate medical reason.  Government keeps requiring more paperwork, thereby, less quality time with sick patients.

Ken Girardin exposes more fallout from the Janus v AFSCME decision.