Daily Update

Pelosi: ‘What’s the Point?’ of Interior Enforcement on Immigration?  The Speaker of the US House of Representatives questions why interior enforcement on illegal immigration is needed…how pathetic that Ms. Pelosi ignores the loss of American lives at the hands of illegals who have no regard for our laws.  Katie Steinle was killed in Ms. Pelosi’s city, yet the Speaker asked, “What’s the point?”  Shameful that she doesn’t care about Katie Steinle and others who have suffered the same fate.

Rich Lowry writes that border camp conditions are a disgrace — but there’s no conspiracy behind it.

The Daily Signal has this to say:  The Border Crisis Is Getting Worse. Why Are Democrats AWOL?

More Than 100,000 Illegal Migrants Have Escaped Border Patrol Agents in 2019.

RIP, Steve Dunleavy: The heart of the modern New York Post.

Steven Law: 2020 Dems and ‘Medicare-for-All’ — here’s what ‘free’ health care really means.

Guy Benson opines on Bernie’s fantasy land student loan forgiveness.  The Daily Signal has some realistic suggestions as to what can be done to lower college costs.

Charles Hurt writes about One-eyed Chuck and the exalted cyclops bumbling in the Senate.

Peter Morici opines on why breaking up Google or Facebook won’t solve anything.

Misplaced priorities.

Project Veritas strikes again; this time Google won’t be happy.


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