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Today’s NY Post editorial also notes how lucky New Yorkers are that Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis and Assemblyman Colin Schmitt caught the “error” (I’m still cynical) in the motor voter bill the Democrats tried to ram through (it did pass in the Senate) in the closing hours of the legislative session.  Kudos to Schmitt and Malliotakis, jeers to the Democrats who voted for the bill.

In case you missed this:  Cuomo had this to say late Friday:   GOP will hammer us for illegal immigrants driver’s license law.  Governor, the Conservative Party will also!  What you and the democratic controlled legislature did by giving illegal immigrants a driver’s license – against the wished of the majority of New Yorkers’ was a blatant slap in the face, thumb in our eye to all of us who respect and obey laws.  It is mindboggling that those who write the laws for citizens and illegals to follow, just rewarded illegals for breaking our laws by giving them driver’s licenses which gives illegal immigrants and enormous piece of the freedom that citizens enjoy.

Chairman Kassar was on One America News Network to discuss the driver’s  license issue.

Read it and weep:  ‘Moderate’ Democrats just gave New York a host of disastrous new laws.  The last paragraph reads:  For all its flaws, a Republican-run Senate stopped the worst lefty lunacy. Suburban Democrats had the power to do that this year, with their constituents’ support. That they instead caved to the radicals gives the GOP a serious chance for a comeback.  We warned you last year; now please get on board now, to take back New York.  The Governor is already planning next year’s debacle and he has 6 months to plan more devastating ideas as he follows the presidential race.

Tom Precious writes more about the hard-left hand turn in the Buffalo News.

E. J. McMahon writes how the session’s end clobbered the NY economy.

AOC is trying to be the queen DA maker; voter’s should pay attention to what the NY Post editorial said here.

Nicole Gelinas writes Cuomo just pulled off a huge power grab at the MTA

Maureen Callahan writes about Mark Zuckerberg’s quest for Facebook’s own branded global cryptocurrency.  It is quite interesting, not sure I agree with Sen. Warrens’ call to break up Facebook, but none the less, well worth reading the article.

Two of President Trump’s Supreme Court Justices differed on a federal gun law case before the US Supreme Court.  Justice Gorsuch sided with the liberals.

We need some good news and here it is:  John Gizzi writes a great article in Newsmax on our tribute dinner for Chairman Emeritus Michael R. Long and the only person to ever become a US Senator running on only the Conservative Party line.  Two great conservative men who have brought honor and integrity to the NYS Conservative Party as did Chairman Kieran Mahoney, Chairman J. Daniel Mahoney, Chairman Serphin R. Maltese; our current Chairman Gerard Kassar is cut from the same cloth and will also follow their leadership and integrity.

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