Daily Update

Two US Supreme Court rulings were handed down today; the first, in a 5-4 ruling stated that federal judges have no role in policing gerrymandering and the second decision concerning a citizenship question on the census, the Supreme Court said no, for now.  There was a flurry of court activity related to the citizenship question in the days leading up to the Supreme Court’s decision; according to most involved, the issue must be resolved by October 31.  BREAKING NEWS:  Trump seeks 2020 census delay after Supreme Court blocks citizenship question.  ALSO BREAKING:   Conservative Justices Rip Supreme Court For Interfering in 2020 Census

Stephen Colbert’s “political comedy” late night show featured political “expert” AOC critiquing last night’s debate.  According to AOC, Warren was impressive, others were like unprepared schoolkids.  (Dare we remind AOC; it takes one to know one.)

John Podhoretz reviews last night’s democratic debate in the NY Post; First Democratic debate was a good night — for Team Trump.

The winners and losers of the 1st Democratic presidential debate.

The Hill opines on 5 takeaways from the debate, then writes that Sen. Warren shines in first democratic debate.  The Washington Times has a different take on the debate:  ‘Corruption pure and simple’: Dems knock Trump, economy in first debate.

Dems can’t just be outraged, what is their solution to the border tragedy?  I must have missed their solutions last night, and I look forward to what former VP Biden has to say tonight.  A true leader accepts their responsibility.  De Blasio calls Florida migrant detention center a ‘prison camp’  So what is your solution, Mr. Mayor?  Your silence is deafening.  Some have their priorities up-side-down, voters would have understood why they missed the debate; not so sure they will understand why they missed the vote.

The Beat reviews some of Albany’s Agenda passed last week.

How NY fuels higher emissions.

Larry Elder writes in Townhall.com:  Reparations: How Not to Foster Racial Harmony.

While this daily update will be MIA on Wednesday’s, Walter E. Williams isn’t.

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