Daily Update

Robert Knight writes in the Washington Times that a misnamed legal jackhammer struck on Friday. 

The Daily Signal writes: We Hear You: When Transgender Athletes Crush the Girls.

Larry Horist opines on how identity politics is the root of all evil. 

Did you know the State troopers’ PBA is against ‘greenlight’ legislation?    Please sign our petition that opposes illegal immigrants being granted driver’s licenses.  Click here to sign.

Democrats shift to seize on Supreme Court as 2020 campaign issue. 

Victor Davis Hanson writes about the similarities between declining Rome and the modern US. 

New York Democrats will seek input on automatic voter registration at Albany hearing.  Doesn’t this headline seem innocuous and that it would genuinely been a good way to get both sides of the argument?  Well the dirty little secret in Albany is that many of the public hearings are by invitation only. In other words, this “public hearing” on automatic voter registration, that we are adamantly opposed to, due to the probability of fraud, we, an organization that represents thousands of constituents, would not be allowed to testify at the hearing.  When it says “by invitation only” the public hearing is stacked to produce the results they want. I would presume that, if the State Board of Elections, is invited to speak, they would present both sides automatic voter registration, since they do not have a horse in the race.  Most invited will have a horse in the race and only present the perceived advantages of automatic voter registration.  The resulting report by the committees involved will be exactly what they wanted and the press will report that the public input supported the issue.  Welcome to the manipulation of facts and the press that helps it continue.   

Chris Bragg has an article in the Times Union about a prolific contributor to Governor Cuomo.  All I will say on the article is:  Where there is smoke there usually is a fire. 

The NY Medical Society rejects assisted suicide!  Are you listening Members of the NYS Legislature?

I’ve Had 2 Abortions. Here’s Why I Support Alabama’s Pro-Life Law.