Weekly Wrap-Up from Chair Jerry Kassar

Welcome to my Weekly Wrap-Up for May 17, 2019!


America’s illegal immigration crisis continues to ravage our borders and radiate throughout the country, from car crashes to rape and mass murder. Here in New York, we’re facing this question: Should people here illegally be given a driver’s license? Our state’s political establishment says yes – the Conservative Party says no, and if you agree, please sign our Petition if you haven’t already.

The Conservative Party is taking action locally, and President Trump continues to fight for sane border policies with a new merit-based reform plan and continued efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

Since President Trump is proposing it, of course Chuck Schumer is opposed. But Democrats who constantly want America to be more like other countries may have a hard time explaining why Canada and New Zealand have set such poor examples on immigration.


The fight for life has been prominent throughout the United States this week, including here in New York. Sen. Pam Helming offered an amendment from the NYS Senate Floor that would have reversed part of the abhorrent Reproductive Health Act signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Jan. 22, 2019. The proposed bill that Sen. Pam Helming introduced at our request, and offered as an amendment would have re-established the fact that infants born alive are human beings and must be protected. Unfortunately, the amendment failed in the Democratic controlled NYS Senate, but our efforts will continue in both houses until New York state government acknowledges the precious life a woman carries is a human being entitled to their own life.

Outside of New York State, the Pro-Life movement has had some successes. Pro-life measures enacted in Georgia and Alabama not only protect the unborn – they also pose a direct threat to the outdated precedent set by Roe v. Wade. It’s about time.

The debate over defending life continues to be riddled with dishonesty and misinformation (thanks in no small part to New York’s junior Senator), but just remember: Women are a driving force behind the pro-life movement; unlike the left, Americans are not zealously pro-abortion; and pro-life Americans are among the most caring, compassionate people in this country.

Why is the pro-life issue important to you as a conservative? That’s the question in our new Weekly Poll – let me know how you approach this topic.


The Conservative Party was asked to sign on to a national statement against the radical Equality Act on gender and sexuality – of course, we took a stand for traditional values.

Local socialist’s constituents don’t look favorably upon socialism.

Attorney General Bill Barr has a wicked sense of humor, but his investigation into abuse of power is no joke.

Bill de Blasio’s presidential campaign, on the other hand – there are laughs aplenty.

Have a great weekend!