Daily Update

Yesterday, the Empire Center wrote that the NY state pension fund earnings are slumping.   Today, we read in the NY Post, that the Democrats in the NYS Legislature” are looking to fatten pensions of the most recently hired government workers by undoing reforms that were approved to control runaway costs.”   Have the Democrats lost all moral fortitude?  Don’t bother answering, we know they have.  Anyone who was hired and is in Tier 6 knows what their pension benefits are.  (If they don’t shame on them…or shame on the Agency that did not explain it to them.)  New Yorkers’ are leaving the state in droves, who will be left to pay in increased pension costs that the Democrats want to provide? 

May 1 the democratic controlled NYS Senate also voted to allow striking workers to received unemployment benefits after just ONE week on strike.  The vote was 48 -14 and the Assembly loves proposals like this, so rest assured they will pass it also.  Employers will be hit with increased rates and you know the businesses will pass along the costs to consumers, in itself a problem.  The bigger problem is that Union shops will be “off the hook” in supporting union members and will have more money to provide to the legislators who gave them this gift.  If you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, you can read the article here.  

Hey, .@AOC, perhaps you should read this article in the Washington Times (doubt if you will find it in the Washington Post):  2020 Democrats on hot seat after climate change backfires on Australian left. 

Same advice (above) for you Governor Cuomo.  Robert Bryce writes in today’ NY Post that New York’s energy policy depends on an impossible fantasy. 

John R. Lott, Jr. opines on Abortion’s Impact Is More Than Morality. 

It really is tragic that democrats, in general, only see abortion as a way to end an “inconvenient mistake” that interferes with the freedom of the woman who owns her body, while pro-life people see that “inconvenient mistake” and an innocent human baby who does nothing to deserve death.  Sadly, they are the ones who go to extremes.

NY per-pupil spending reaches $23k; and it still isn’t enough according to the Teacher’s Union and NYS Democrats. 

As Gomer Pyle used to say, “Surprise, Surprise!”  Oh, The Judge Who Ruled for The Democrats on Trump’s Taxes Is an Obama Appointee…AND A Donor? 

And now for some GOOD news:  Robert Smith’s tremendous gift .  What a truly generous, loving, gesture that others should emulate, if they are in the position to do so.