Daily Update

Know what the Equality Act really does:  Rebecca Hagelin opines on the fake Equality Act;  while Tony Perkins explains that the Equality Act would promote abortions

A woman’s group finally organizes to stop New York from legalizing prostitution   Senator Julia Salazar said legalization is long overdue.  Ms. Salazar is obviously misguided in her beliefs and is not concerned about the women being abused and traffickers off the hook.

The New York Sun opines on the panic over the Supreme Court. 

The Hill outlines what they describe as the 5 big Supreme Court decisions to watch; one of which was Apple.  The US Supreme Court opened the door, yesterday, for iPhone uses to sue in a 5-4 decision that Justice Kavanaugh joined with the 4 liberal members. 

Daniel Oliver opines in the Washington Times on the contest between diversity and merit. 

Denver’s ‘Magic Mushroom’ Vote Moves Drug Legalization Beyond Marijuana

Hunter Biden’s China Deal Partners Include Mobster Whitey Bulger’s Nephew, John Kerry’s Stepson. 

Rep. Cheney Criticizes Rep. Tlaib Over Holocaust ‘Calming’ Remark.   Matt Vespa reminds us that they sided with Hitler:  CNN Host Notes an Important Fact Omitted from Rashida Tlaib’s Holocaust Remarks.