Senate Democrats Deaf to Cries of Born Alive Babies

Brooklyn, NY – State Chairman, Jerry Kassar, decried the deafness of Senate Democrats yesterday, when they flatly refused to consider an amendment from the floor, put forward by Sen. Pam Helming, that would have restored a key provision in NY’s Public Health Law, removed by the Reproductive Health Act in January, that mandated doctors to take immediate life-saving actions if an abortion resulted in a live birth.

The amendment sought to reverse the abhorrent infanticide action established by the Governor’s signing of the Krueger/Glick bill known as the Reproductive Health Act and re-establish the fact
that infants born alive are human beings and must be protected. The amendment would have reinstated penal law protections when an individual intentionally performs or attempts to perform an overt act that ends the life of an innocent child born alive as the result of an abortion.

An infant that has survived the brutal attempt to end its life during an abortion procedure justifies every effort of protection and procedures to keep this resilient individual alive and well.

The fact that Democrats kept silent when Sen. Helming offered her amendment is a very sad day in New York State. Since the beginning of time, human beings have celebrated the birth of a child; it is, without doubt, one of the happiest (and sometimes difficult) times of life’s journey. When an innocent child comes into this world and they remind us that life is a precious gift to be celebrated, protected and kept secure until able to travel life’s journey on their own.

Yesterday, every Democrat, in the NYS Senate, sat silent and deaf to the cries of a baby born alive in a botched abortion.

One can’t help but wonder what astounding accomplishments a born-alive infant could achieve. One of the most successful men in America, Steve Jobs, who literally changed the way we communicate, was an unwanted child whose mother considered abortion. While Steve Jobs was not a born-alive infant, he narrowly escaped death by abortion. As an adult, Jobs expressed gratitude that his mother didn’t abort him.

We will never know if a born-alive infant, that the NYS Democrats, would not defend, could change the world the same way Steve Jobs did. How many lives have been changed, just by the actual jobs he created? We will never know, because the Democrats in the NYS Senate were deaf to the cries of the born-alive babies.