Daily Update

Victor Davis Hanson writes in today’s NY Post how Beijing became bigger threat than Russia by exploiting US liberals.  Charles Hurt writes about another promise kept: Trump’s toughness on China gives Potomac elites the vapors. 

The Daily Signal is reporting that the White House Criticizes Equality Act, but Stops Short of Veto Threat.   The Washington Times reports that the Equality Act legislation is being slammed by opponents as being anti-woman. 

Conrad Black opines in the NY Sun on the fact the Democrats are starting to perceive the debacle they face.

Some members of the Legislature  (Sen. Liz Krueger and Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes) are not willing to admit that legalizing the recreational use of marijuana is a very bad proposal  .

The Beat exposes the weepy oculus, another epic story of bloat, waste, and fraud by the Port Authority. 

With Gov. Cuomo’s Support, New Yorkers Urge Lawmakers to Pass ‘Medical Aid in Dying’  .  The Hippocratic Oath’s modern version – with all of the advancements and scientific changes since Hippocrates first saw the need for an oath –  states in part:  “Above all, I must not play at God.”  If one must not “play at God” what right do legislators have to allow – and if they refuse, one knows they will be sued and their career destroyed – them to participate in the death of a patient by partaking in the medical aid in dying (MAID) bill?  Enough of this madness.  Doctors and medical professionals save lives, they do all they can to keep dying patients as comfortable as possible and they must not play at God an oath they take freely.   Again, Governor Cuomo is on the wrong ethical side of this debate. 

Beware, if I upgrade to the newest version of Microsoft Word, my words may be changed by Microsoft Word.  Tammy Bruce explains  the latest way the gurus of political correctness will achieve their goals. 

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