Daily Update

Why is the NYC School Chancellor, a person whose only responsibility is the education of NY City’s children, so bent on diluting the standards of specialized schools in the name of diversity ?  If his reasoning is followed in the sports world, every professional sports team would have a diversified team with many players who are unqualified to play.  Ultimately, people would no longer go to games, once the competitive edge was lost.  Competition is good, it raises the standards, competition, whether in education, sports or life itself, makes the world a better place.  Parents, Mr. Chancellor, know what is best for their children. 

Momentum building for driver’s licenses for undocumented New Yorkers’ .  Do your part to put the brakes on the momentum in the legislature for driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.   Sign our petition  and then please send the link to your family and friends.  We stopped it before, we can stop it again. Congressman Tom Reed has also been at the forefront of this issue.

When your taxes are out of control and a major city is the homeless capital in the nation (and your representative just happens to be the Speaker of the House who is more concerned with protecting illegal immigrants) is it any wonder that California’s population growth is the slowest in recorded history?   

No surprise here either:  Massachusetts And New York Beginning to See the Ugly Side of Minimum Wage Hikes. 

Finally, some good news is being reported by Zack Fink:  No One’s in a Hurry to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in New York   Let’s hope it is Zack’s sources are accurate, then again, a lot can change between now and when session ends, especially when King Cuomo supports recreational marijuana. 

Maybe Congresswoman Omar should try living in Venezuela and try running for office there.  Ilhan Omar Blames U.S. Policy for Upheaval in Venezuela.

Here is another elected official who is completely misguided.   It is a sad state of affairs when elected officials have no understand or respect for the value of lives.   Each and every person conceived has value and the strength to overcome circumstances thrown their way, history is full of people who changed the world despite the fact that they were “unwanted.”  Alabama State Rep. John Rogers (D) is facing justified fierce backlash for his remarks, he also needs prayers to understand why his remarks are so completely out of step with society.

The Daily Signal give us 7 big moments in William Barr’s Senate Testimony on Mueller Report. 

This Popular Lawmaker Explains How to Talk About Conservatism with Next Generation 

This new green ‘right’ is nothing but a gift to trial lawyers. 

Cuomo’s hilarious claim to not know a lobbyist when he sees one.

On this Holocaust Remembrance Day we pray for the 6 million Jewish people murdered and that never again can such an evil atrocity take place. Never.Again. May God console the families who still suffer their losses.