Weekly Wrap-Up from Chair Jerry Kassar

Welcome to my Weekly Wrap-Up for May 3, 2019!


Just when it seems we scraped the bottom of the barrel for bad political ideas, along comes Kirsten Gillibrand with this week’s ridiculous “Democracy Dollars” proposal – a plan to give each American up to $600 that could be used to support political campaigns.

Let that sink in: A politician has a plan to take money from taxpayers and then let them have it back on the condition that the money can only be spent on politicians. Unbelievable.

The plan was quickly mocked as a terrible and ridiculous idea – but we can’t ignore the fact that this is the kind of thinking that has gotten our nation into such deep fiscal trouble. So I want to take a closer look at it in our new Weekly Poll. Here’s my question for you: What would you say is the BIGGEST problem with Sen. Gillibrand’s call for “Democracy Dollars” funded by taxpayers?


Acting foolishly was the favorite pastime of Senate Democrats this week, as they wasted America’s time with their ineffective, unhinged questioning of Attorney General William Barr. The Democrats were playing to the cameras, but Barr was unflappable.

House Democrats didn’t fare much better, with Tennessee’s Steve Cohen crying fowl and New York’s own Jerry Nadler shutting down debate in the left’s desperate quest for impeachment. It was a circus, though that seems like an insult to clowns everywhere.


If you’re on Facebook, you may be seeing more of the Conservative Party lately – in addition to our regular posts, we have started a new ad campaign aimed at getting our message out and engaging with even more voters throughout the state. This is a particularly useful way to connect with younger, “millennial” voters, but overall our goal is to introduce people of all ages and backgrounds to the conservative principles we advocate. Our friends and supporters make outreach efforts like this possible, and I appreciate that you are part of our work!


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