Daily Update

Chairman Jerry Kassar continues his travels in New York State; yesterday he spent time in Chemung and Broome Counties.  Channel 34, the ABC affiliate in Binghamton, NY filed this interview in which Chairman Kassar outlined his priorities for the NYS Conservative Party. 

The GOP Senate blasted the democrats far left swing in criminal justice “reform” yesterday  and introduced a series of bills  to be passed to help restore justice to the victims and the victims’ families.  If you click on the link, read about the bills, then scroll down and you can let the Senate Minority know where you stand on these proposals.  Click Aye or Nay on What is your position.

Cuomo must take the blame for numerous MTA failures: watchdog

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, what is your tweet on this:  Private payrolls surge by 275,000 in April, blowing past estimates in biggest gain since July. 

Victor Davis Hanson wrote a very insightful op-ed in today’s NY Post that Congresses three newest out-spoken women – Occasion-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib – really should read. This is one of those must read and send to your liberal friends’ articles that we haven’t seen in a long time. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders sounding a little desperate:  Sanders: GOP Wants to Stop Felons From Voting to Keep Minority Turnout Down 

To all the people and organizations, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who want to dilute the strength of the 2nd Amendment, this is a must read:  MSNBC Report on Venezuela Makes Case for Second Amendment. 

Sometimes when you read a headline, you just have to laugh.  For example:  The Hill’s headline states, Barr defends handling of Mueller report  Seriously, what did they expect?  Did they think AG Barr would go before the US Senate and say, Gee, I made a mistake, on second thought, the Muller Report encourages impeachment proceedings.  Katie Pavitch writes that AG Barr clarifies Trump’s reaction to being falsely accused of something he didn’t do. 

The Beat writes about the first-rate high schools in NYC that do not require specialized testing. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.