Daily Update

Chairman Jerry Kassar appeared on two radio shows yesterday; you can listen to Chairman Kassar on the Bob Lonsberry Show with Congressman John Katko filling in for Mr. Lonsberry.  Chairman Kassar also responded to WXXI regarding the “One Day Act.” 

Here is a piece of good news for a change:  NY Senate compromise would extend free college tuition for Gold Star families.  Always believe YOU can make a difference, if you voice your opinion loudly enough. 

This is an issue that needs very loud voices!  Pass the video to your friends and neighbors and let them know what is going on.  America’s founding is based on Judeo-Christian beliefs and we, as a country, have been blessed.  We cannot keep silent any longer. 

The Farm Bureau is almost unknown in the five boroughs of New York City, yet New York City is dependent on farms.  Here are two articles that will help people understand the proposed legislation — Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act – that is being considered this year and what it may ultimately cost consumers throughout the state.  Farm Bureau Members Speak About Proposed Farm Labor Legislation.  As this article indicates, we are already losing farms; USDA Census: New York loses 2,100 farms 

Thanks Governor Cuomo, this is not what New Yorkers’ want to see when they open the paper in the morning:  Yet another study confirms it: NY has the worst economic prospects. 

Governor Cuomo paid less in federal taxes this year; do you think he will acknowledge that fact to President Trump?  (Neither do I.)  Cuomo actually paid less in taxes under Trump’s plan. 

Today is Tax Freedom Day …for federal taxes.  New Yorkers’ reach Tax Freedom Day on May 3.  Did you know that Americans will spend more on taxes in 2019 than food, clothing and housing combined?

Rich Lowry writes about Notre Dame’s collapse — and the loss of what it stood for. 

Kate McKenna is an American living in Paris and also writes about Notre Dame’s burning and notes that it is the third church in Paris to suffer fire in the last three months and in 2017 there were 887 attacks on Christian artifacts or churches.

Dennis Prager’s column is a thoughtful analysis on the Notre Dame fire also. 

Guy Benson’s analysis of Congresswoman Omar’s remarks.