Daily Update

The Beat has an article on how the Legislature will do even more harm to upstate New York if they “spread the gospel of rent regulation to the rest of New York.”  Read what The Beat has to say here. 

The sweeping changes for criminal justice reforms passed in the NYS Budget are a grave concern to law enforcement officials due to the lack of funding that is needed for compliance .  Just another rush to satisfy the progressives in the Legislature without considering the consequences; bad policy and again should have been a stand-alone bill for full debate.   

We have often said that when one doesn’t respect life at conception, the long- term result is that one won’t respect life near the end of one’s journey.  Sadly, Governor Cuomo is now proving this presumption.      Every life is precious, from natural conception to natural death. 

Putnam County, NY pushes back on Gov. Cuomo’s abortion agenda   Kudos to them!

In case you missed this over the weekend:  Michael Goodwin’s Sunday Column; As Trump soars higher, Dems reach their lowest point yet.

It’s time for the City Council to stop playing thought police

This NY Post editorial — NY Assembly’s shameful snub of fallen-soldiers’ kids– will, we hope, bring about a change of heart by the Assembly Democrats.  The public backlash has been helpful also. 

The Beat also writes about being High at Work. 

Another really bad policy idea Supporters Hopeful Driver’s Licenses Will Extend to Undocumented Immigrants   We were able to beat this back once, and will make every effort to beat it back again. 

Does the latest rising star in the Democratic Party have a problemhttps://tinyurl.com/yysremba

Since today is April 15, aka Tax Day, we thought you would like to know where your taxes go.  Here is the Daily Signal’s chart for how your taxes are spent.