Weekly Wrap-Up from Chair Jerry Kassar

Welcome to my Weekly Wrap-Up for April 12, 2019!


“Some people did something” – is there anything more contemptible, more despicable, more infuriating than a government official dismissing the murder of close to 3,000 innocent people with such nonchalant words?

This blasé assessment by Rep. Ilhan Omar is an outright denial of the suffering that took place in New York City on 9/11, of the fear and pain our fellow Americans felt as they were being killed, of the ultimate sacrifice made by so many brave firefighters and police officers so that others could be rescued. It minimizes the grief felt then, and still today, by those who lost loved ones in the attacks. And Rep. Omar ignores the real dangers of radical Islam, which was the one and only force behind the 9/11 attacks, and that is still a threat to our freedom and safety today.

Meanwhile, in defending her fellow leftist, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chose to attack the integrity and commitment of Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a highly-decorated veteran and Navy SEAL who lost an eye fighting terrorists in Afghanistan. Unbelievable, especially for someone who is supposed to represent New York.

While most of our state’s Democrats were too cowardly to challenge Rep. Omar’s comments, the New York Post courageously defended New York’s honor against her heartlessness – read the Post’s coverage here, here, and here.

Rep. Omar is attempting to justify her comments by pointing to President George W. Bush’s speech atop the rubble of the World Trade Center on September 14. That takes chutzpah, to use a word that would likely offend the congresswoman given her history of anti-Semitism. Watch President Bush’s speech here – it is a recognition of our country’s grief, a call for prayer and unity, a celebration of America’s strength and resolve, a show of patriotism in defiance of those who hate America.

President Bush’s words lifted our nation up – Rep. Omar’s diminish our nation’s history.


As Democrats celebrate just how much they were able to mislead America about the Trump tax cuts, the truth is emerging: President Trump’s tax reforms saved Americans money, and despite the protestations of Andrew Cuomo most New Yorkers did quite well under the Trump tax cuts.

With Tax Day coming up, I want to make this the focus of our new Weekly Poll: What do you think is the most compelling, conservative message that our Party can share on the issue of federal taxes?

I also want to revisit last week’s question, since Survey Monkey was giving us some socialist-style math that made the responses add up to over 100 percent. So here’s what I’m asking: Out of New York’s unbelievably costly new budget, what is the item that concerns you the most?

I look forward to watching the results from both questions.


Don’t believe the myths about legalizing marijuana.

Yes, we need to probe the Russia collusion probers.

Why don’t liberals like the idea of sending illegal aliens to sanctuary cities?

Obama’s head of Homeland Security agrees with Trump on the border crisis.

Have a great weekend!