Daily Update

The long- awaited Mueller Report is due out tomorrow; all the news will be about “the report.”  Ralph Z. Hollow relied on his years of journalistic experience when he wrote today’s Washington Times article anticipating the report:  Response to Mueller report Thursday can make or break Trump and his remarkable makeover of GOP. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo always has the upper hand…and total control.

Sanders: Murderers Shouldn’t Lose Voting Rights Because They Are ‘Paying the Price’ in Prison. Really, murderers take the life of another human being and no long-term consequences should be enforced.  What about the rights of the person they murdered?  They have NONE, but the person who took their life should be able to go about with privileges as if they did nothing wrong? 

This is a December 2014 article from Syracuse.Com that indicates Destiny USA has taxpayers on the hook for nearly $704 M.Here is today’s article on Destiny USA stating that it may default on its mortgage.  On-Line shopping is expanding, Malls are shrinking, taxpayers should be concerned.

Another upstate/downstate divide. 

Saratoga Supervisors, thankfully, are strong on this issue:  No driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. 

Jim Riches’ relives the searing pain of his son’s untimely death by terrorists on 9/11/01 again at the GOP Dinner last evening.  Congresswoman Omar is not the victim, and publicly saying so is not incitement

Thank you, Bob McManus:  ‘Dreamers’ over heroes — as Albany did — reflects the new norm. 

Betsy McCaughey also has a way of keeping things in perspective:  Trump is looking to give sanctuary cities just what they asked for

The Daily Signal also responds to Trump’s call to sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.  Answers to 4 Big Questions About Sending Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities. 

Surprise, surprise.  Pete Buttigieg isn’t all that the main stream media (and Twitter) make him out to be.  Pete Buttigieg’s Abortion Extremism Hurts His Religious Appeal  and Buttigieg: Capitalism Has ‘Let a Lot of People Down’

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.