Daily Update

Lawmakers just gave Cuomo even more power. 

Gov. Cuomo is not done with his progressive agenda:  Cuomo vows to pass legal marijuana law by June. 

The debate on congestion pricing begins:  WHAT WILL BE THE RIGHT PRICE TO CUT CONGESTION IN NEW YORK?

Can anyone blame them:  Residents in congestion-pricing zones are fuming over new taxes. 

Manhattan real estate sales fall for sixth straight quarter — longest losing streak in 30 years.  And, sad to say, after the NYS Budget, it is only to get worse.  

Nicole Gelinas writes that beating the fare-beaters is vital to the MTA and public safety. 

Trump Really Does Have a Plan That’s Better Than Obamacare. 

Rich Lowry writes that the border crisis is Congress’ fault.  

Jim Jordan:  Democrats are Freaking Out Over Citizenship on the Census Because They Want Non-Citizens Voting 

We are so fortunate that we live in America!  Top Venezuela court tightens noose on opposition chief Guaido. 

Pro-Life movie, Unplanned , debuts at # 4 overcoming social-media obstacles and dismissive film critics.