Daily Update

Unfortunately for New Yorkers, the budget that was just passed by the Members of the Legislature is not an April Fools joke.  The taxes, fees  and criminal justice reforms enacted , along with the last minute 39% raise for Governor Cuomo, will only encourage more New Yorkers to leave New York   It is rather pathetic that so many of the progressive politicians speak out when families are separated at our borders, yet gleefully increase the cost of living in New York that forces families to be separated.  Some grandparents will not know the joy of being near their grandchildren because they can’t afford to move and their children can’t afford to stay.

These same progressives believe they have a moral obligation to take from the “rich” and give to the poor as they did with the budget they just passed.    They believe that although you work hard for your money they – the elected officials – know best how to spend the money you worked for , while they give themselves raises at your expense. 

Many of the legislators are true progressive believers, other like our Governor only believe what those with a vested interest are willing to contribute to the conversation. 

The new budget gives illegal immigrants a break by breaking with federal laws.

Tom Precious wraps up the budget here. 

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I am still looking for the pot of money that was set aside for our roads.  Isn’t some of the gasoline tax money collected supposed to fix our roads?  Or does it go to the MTA also so they can keep their inflated staff?

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Rebecca Hagelin asks the question: Who will save millennials from socialism, themselves?