Daily Update

Governor Cuomo was criticized for cutting funds to the Special Olympics , at the very last minutes of the legislative session, the Legislature authorized a substantial raise for the Governor.  Governor Cuomo did the right thing and restored the cut to the Special Olympics; however, he has also kept his raise.  Can’t help but wonder where the money for his raise is coming from.    

The Adirondack Daily Enterprise has a short description of some of the key items in the budget .  Can anyone explain to the taxpayers of New York, why the Legislature now requires “Employers throughout the state … to offer their workers three hours of paid time off to cast a ballot on election day” when earlier in the session they passed early voting whose provisions require that all early voting sites are open for at least eight hours on weekdays, including two days a week with evening hours, and for at least five hours on weekends and holidays.”  Do they have absolutely no regard for the tax burdens they place on New Yorkers?  No need to answer this rhetorical question, we all know they don’t. 

 If you have any doubts, read Michael Goodwin’s Op-Ed in today’s NY Post. 

 Kyle Smith writes about Governor Cuomo’s outrageous budget deal in the National Review. 

 E. J. McMahon takes a somber look at the state of NY’s finances with his Op-Ed in today’s NY Post: New York is looking at an ocean of red ink. 

 WalletHub ranks New York No. 1 for highest tax burden (and this is before the effect of this year’s budget have been implemented.)

 Karen Dewitt interviews Chairman Kassar and others on the NY Commission to Look at Ending Fusion Voting. With regard to the Governor’s concerns on the cost of public financing of cross-endorsed candidates, the answer is simple:  NO public financing of campaigns. 

 Are plastic bags as bad for the environment as some say?  Maybe not. 

 Wow!  Rather presumptuous thinking that state-asset forfeiture funds can be used for his travel: HIGH-FLYING CY: HOW MANHATTAN DA VANCE SPENT $250K ON TRAVEL AND FOOD. 

If the city doesn’t fight farebeating, everyone’s in trouble. 

 Sometimes the truth (the NY Post Editorial) makes you laugh when it is so evident to everyone but the person pontificating.  What AOC doesn’t get about wages and human worth. 

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