Daily Update

As the legislators consider the budget, they should also consider the costs of prevailing wages.  E. J. McMahon calls it NY’s ‘prevailing’ protection racket in today’s Newsday.  E. J. McMahon is not the only pushback on prevailing wages. 

When government overtaxes our citizens, the result is too much money for people to create a public policy program that does not achieve its stated purpose. 

Today’s NY Post editorial tries to shine a light on New York’s mysterious new-tax rush.  But you can’t shine a lite on it, when no one really knows what it is.  This much is certain, New York is overtaxed already and one more grab for our hard-earned dollars will only increase New York’s exodus.

Tom Precious gives a pretty good recap of what we think is agreed to at this time.  New deals emerge in state budget talks as big-ticket items await resolution.  This extension will only encourage New York’s exodus to continue:  • Authorization of a five-year extension of what’s known as the “millionaires’ tax,’’ an income tax rate surcharge on high-earners. 

Here Are 4 Egregious Ways the Left Wants to Transform American Politics. 

The Daily Signal: Here’s the Conservative Plan to Improve Health Care

Oh no, AOC may have another meltdown.

Seriously, AG Holder?  You want to know “Exactly when did you think America was great” .  Every moment of her existence.  We are the only country that has faced our dark side and corrected it!  That makes us great.  We believe all men are created equal – and when we didn’t fully practice that belief – we corrected it!  America has raised the standard of living throughout the world; we ended two world wars and we will continue the ideals that our Founding Fathers knew would provide this new country with the blueprint necessary to be the most productive, free nation ever established.  Shame on you for not understanding the greatness of America.   Former AG Holder is just one of 85 (82 men and 3 women) who have held the office of Attorney General since our history began.  I would think that would be a great accomplishment, despite the fact that I disagree with almost all that he stood for.