Daily Update

Democrats need a lesson in math; when a bill loses 57-0 , and the sponsor only votes “present” there is no way they can claim a victory.  But they did:  Democrats claim victory even after Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal loses big in Senate.  Not surprisingly, the cable news networks hardly reported the resounding defeat. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is letting her thin-skin get the better of her on the House Floor.  Congresswoman, America has risen to overcome every challenge ever laid at her feet and we will continue to do so…without destroying the very fiber that has made our exceptionalism the reason we, not only survive, but come back even stronger.  The Green New Deal may be your solution, but it certainly is not the American solution. 

BTW Congresswoman, shouldn’t you be paying your fair share of taxes especially since you have a steady income paid to you by taxpayers.  Another question for you…did you pay the $695 penalty for not having health care in 2017?  You mentioned that you just got your healthcare a month ago while passionately defending your Green New Deal. 

This article will just make you shake your head in bewilderment.  Unfortunately, rest assured, this is not the only person who thinks this way…in fact, I would venture to say, most democrats think she is right. 

Tom Precious has the latest insight on the ongoing talks regarding the recreational use of marijuana in New York State.

That minimum wage increase isn’t looking so good right now, is it? 

The Beat examines Thrive Jive.

Steve Malanga examines the costs to taxpayers that government places on them by providing benefits that are unsustainable. 

Lance Morrow writes in City Journal that Journalism Dies in Self-Importance. 

Wow…this is getting really ugly.   ‘As If It Never Existed:’ Cook County Clerk’s Office Stunned as Smollett Case File Vanishes from Records System. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.