Daily Update

Timothy Cardinal Dolan asks the question in today’s NY Post that many Catholics are asking:  Why are Cuomo Democrats alienating Catholics? And why the vitriol when signing the legislation?  He was incensed because ““They compounded the problem by covering it up and not taking responsibility…”  Gov. Cuomo goes on to say “Tell the truth. Jesus Christ teaches about truth and justice — social justice — and that’s not what the church did here … referring to the church’s resistance to the Child Victims Act.”  May I remind the Governor, that Jesus also said “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.”  Governor Cuomo is not known as being the most transparent elected official  nor is he known for accepting responsibility. 

The Times Union only covered one session at our 52nd Conference, the one they consider most controversial.  It is unfortunate that it turns into another article on why the bill was passed.  No matter how many articles are written on the need for this bill – it is a dastardly bill that allows for taking the life of an innocent unborn baby up until that child is born.  Until his untimely death, Steve Jobs, expressed gratitude that his mother didn’t abort him.   I would venture to guess that most of today’s Apple users are happy that he was ultimately given up for adoption.  I can’t help but ask, has the person who could cure cancer been aborted, the person who would find a way to eliminate world hunger or even the person who would discover the path to peace in today’s agitated world.

If the Unborn Were Toddlers, We Wouldn’t Tolerate Abortion

Robert Knight tells his readers in the Washington Times to ‘Wake up and smell the napalm’. 

Wow!  They can’t be serious.  Senate Democrats Pursue No Formal Consequences for Parker After ‘Kill yourself!’ Tweet It is sad that the new Majority Leader in the NYS Senate is proudly standing next to a fellow Senator who told a Republican staffer to “kill yourself.”

Did de Blasio even check his references? 

John Crudele writes in the NY Post: What history teaches us about raising taxes on the rich. 

Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax Is Another Radically Bad Idea from the Far Left. 

This should be interesting. 

Yesterday was a poignant day for the leaders of the Conservative Party.  As leaders of the Party, we really do not want our Chairman to leave his position as State Chairman.  But that is selfish of us. If Diogenes was among us today, he would have found what he was looking for in Michael R. Long.  He is our leader, our confidant, our friend and our heavy hearts will wish him well when his chairmanship ends when we elect a new leader in late February.  Chairman Long has earned his retirement and a very special place in our hearts.  Job well done, Mr. Chairman.