Daily Update

For all that may think the conservative movement is out of sync with Americans, a new survey of voter attitudes has this to say:  Republican want their Party to move Right — Surprisingly, Democrats do too.   

Victor Davis Hanson opines in the National Review on the Progressive Race to the Bottom. 

Rich Lowry explains that “assimilation” is not a racist word..

Possibly the most dangerous piece of legislation for our Republic – HR 1, For the People Act of 2019 — has been introduced by the current democratic congress.  Read about it here. 

What a Registration Surprise in Texas Tells Us About Voter Fraud. 

According to this article by Carl Campanile, Gov. Cuomo does not have to worry about losing the Catholic vote. Perhaps Carl is right, based on what William D’Antonio, a Catholic University sociology professor who has written books tracking Catholic voters since 1987, has published.  He (D’Antonio) said younger generations are drifting away from church leadership on social issues, especially abortion and same-sex marriage.  While it is true, many young Catholics do not attend Mass on a regular basis and have drifted away from Catholic teachings, he fails to consider the thousands who march in the March for Life.  While our younger generation is more secular, they are convinced by science than an unborn baby is a human being and deserves a chance at life.  When the facts of this bill are explained; support for it plummets. 

New York, New York: The rotting Big Apple legalizes infanticide. 

Batavia man against Gov. Cuomo’s abortion law, City Council agrees and will tell the governor. 

Charlie Daniels tells it like it is.  Blasted Cuomo with these words:  Satan is smiling 

I guess when you have your “own Catholic beliefs”you can sign death warrants on completely innocent lives with out worrying about the consequences. 

The Beat examines the Homelessness Crisis. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams. .