Weekly Wrap-Up

What a heartbreaking week for New York. So many innocent lives will be lost because of the so-called Reproductive Health Act that our legislature passed and Andrew Cuomo signed into law on Tuesday – and how sickening to see One World Trade Center used to celebrate death.

Remember that 11 unborn babies are memorialized at the site of the fallen World Trade Center – according to the Cuomo liberals, their lives don’t count.

Which word do you think best describes Andrew Cuomo’s enactment of the “Reproductive Health Act” that allows abortion up until birth?

Catholic bishops are speaking out, but many want more concrete action from the Church.

Matt Walsh notes that, as documented by LifeNews.com, already more African-American babies are aborted than born alive in New York City – and the disparity will now certainly increase thanks to Andrew Cuomo and the left.

And Rush Limbaugh poses a pointed question: Why are liberals willing to celebrate the murder of viable unborn children? His answer is devastating:

“They hate us to the point that anything that gives them the feeling of victory, the feeling of having trounced us, that’s worth the standing ovation. ‘Us’ being religion, God, the Catholic Church, Christianity at large, conservatives, the conservative movement.”

You can see that very hatred in another of this week’s biggest stories – the demonization of Catholic schoolkids from Covington, Kentucky who demonstrably did nothing wrong.

It was media malpractice, plain and simple – fake news and blatant media bias on full display. I hope the kids’ families have their day in court.

This episode shows us that social media has been weaponized against conservatives… that the media’s Trump hatred can lead to alliances with even the most nauseating groups… that journalists are easily duped by liars who portray themselves as victims… and that news outlets and their liberal allies are out to get Christian schools (a goal made clear by at least one New York Times reporter).

What do you think is the PRIMARY takeaway from media’s fake-news attack on Catholic schoolkids from Kentucky? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

That’s it for this week – we’re looking forward to our 52nd Annual CPPAC gathering that starts Sunday.  I hope to see many of our blog readers there.

Have a great weekend!