Daily Update

Up until today, I was not aware that a gentleman, Brandon Straka, headed up the #WalkAway movement.  To be honest, I wasn’t even aware of the #WalkAway movement and I follow a lot of newspapers and news outlets. Then I read about Brandon Straka in the Daily Signal and learned that the main stream media was completely opposed to what Mr. Straka was trying to accomplish.  Here is the Daily Signal article that introduced me to Mr. Straka and #WalkAway and hope that his October 26-28 March in Washington, DC is so successful that the main stream media has to report that the #WalkAway movement is a phenomenon they cannot understand; but most Americans embrace.

This article explains why the left is consumed with hate making it so much easier for people to #WalkAway from the vitriol espoused by the radical progressive left.  

NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli makes excuses to the Glens Falls Post Star claiming that his office lacks oversight when it comes to seeing if the program goals are being met. He is a product of the NYS Assembly and is not willing to ruffle the feathers of his former colleagues; he would rather have a few editorial board meetings and say that he is unable to get the legislation needed to give his office back the oversight it once had.  Shame on him!  Purely political statements in an election year.  Why has he been silent on this issue?  Especially when CNBC is asking the question where are the solar roofs?  It is long past the time to elect a real NYS Comptroller.  Here is another eyebrow raising article on what goes on in the comptroller’s office.  Check out Jonathan Trichter’s page on our website, to review his press releases on how he would run the comptroller’s office. 

Marc Molinaro says he wants to cut property taxes 30%.   The NY Post writes about the Molinaro tax plan here.  See Marc Molinaro’s full press release on our website.

The Leader had 5 questions for AG candidate Keith Wofford.  You can read his answers here and watch his interview with Liz Benjamin here

The current head of HUD takes a swipe at a former head of HUD.  

The NY Post editorial says Enough with the smearing of Brett Kavanaugh

National Review writes that mass human cloning may soon be upon us.  To say this is controversial is an understatement, yet according to the article, other than some government funding restrictions, scientists are generally ethically bound only by their own consciences.  Need we say more?