Daily Update

Seth Barron has a very good article in the City Journal that should be read by every person who plans to vote in November. The article is about New York’s Junior Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, and spells out how she has no regard for the truth.  We encourage you to circulate the article and we urge you to get involved in Chele Chiavacci Farley campaign and remove this modern-day Madam Defarge from the US Senate. 

The Beat looks at a charity connected to the Kennedy family has announced it will cover the bail costs of women and juveniles in city jails, regardless of the severity of the charges against them.

2nd Kavanaugh accuser refuses to testify, while a 3rd accuser is revealed by Michael Avenatti.    

Surprise: Democratic Operative Admits Derailing Kavanaugh is Really About ‘Saving’ the Supreme Court from Trump.   Today’s NY Post editorial sees it this way:  Democrats’ ‘investigation’ calls are just code for delay, while Michael Goodwin asks this question:  Why it was up to Trump to call bull on Kavanaugh allegations?  Paul Sperry outlines the problems with Dr. Ford’s accusations.   Here is the Daily Signal’s take on the real reason this is going on. 

What American wouldn’t support this?  House Resolution Would Condemn Voting by Noncitizens, Illegal Immigrants

National Review’s editorial board also believes that immigrants should support themselves. 

Once again, President Trump does the right thing for the pro-life movement.   

Investor’s Business Daily opines on yesterday’s U.N. Speech: Can New ‘Trump Doctrine’ Remake The World?

Here is what American Greatness had to say about the speech that the main stream media mocked due to some chuckles.  Of course, Ambassador Nikki Haley, also had a different take than the media had. Watch what she had to say here

Clifford D. May’s column on Americans right to self-rule.

In case you missed Chairman Long on Focus on the State Capitol yesterday, you can listen to it here.  The Brooklyn Daily Eagle went in-depth on Chairman Long’s re-election as State Chairman.  You can read it here.

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