Daily Update

In case you missed this over the weekend.  Most people who serve for the right reasons and have the best interest of their constituents at the forefront would never consider firing a man that most consider has intense personal integrity.   Even de Blasio’s allies blast the Mayor over his plot to fire Mark Peters.

The Beat reminds us how much homelessness is costing taxpayers in New York City…the rise under the de Blasio Administration is out of control:  $1.3 billion to $3 billion and no let up in sight.

NY Illegally Moving Sex Offenders Into Group Homes With Disabled, Report Says…what is frightening is that there has been no denial from OPWDD that the report is incorrect.

Team Cuomo shows it doesn’t care about toxic water after all, but Andrew Cuomo is determined to do all he can to undermine the 2nd Amendment.  Wake up people, the 2nd Amendment was written so we can protect ourselves from an overzealous government.

Harry Siegel opines on Cuomo, chutzpah and chronic corruption.   

RFK crew needs to rethink its ‘get out jail free’ cards for violent offenders.

Conservative Republican Candidate, Marc Molinaro, sets up website for whistleblowers.    Marc Molinaro Take Back New York with us. 

NY Attorney General candidate speaks out against political corruption.

David Keene has two commentaries in the Washington Times well worth reading:  Adrift in the age of #MeToo and  Speaking from both sides of the mouth.

Another conservative banned by those who do not believe in free speech.  #FreeJamesWoods.

‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ Doesn’t Apply to Conservatives.