Daily Update

The US Supreme Court stood up for the safety of America today.  Judge Andrew Napolitano  called the ruling a “ringing, uncompromising”  win for Trump

In another US Supreme Court ruling today, it was a win for pro-life groups that counsel pregnant women to make choices other than abortion, invalidating a California law requiring them to prominently post information on how to obtain a state-funded abortion.

Another good ruling by a federal Judge:  U.S. judge throws out climate change lawsuits against big oil.  Here is a judge appointed by President Bill Clinton and is from San Francisco who truly studied the case and made a decision based on logic, not politics or what was expected.  Wonders will never cease. 

The National Review’s Morning Jolt deals with how the number of ‘credible fear’ refugees skyrocketed in the Obama years

I’m sure you agree that this is the way it should be:  Army training will now focus on actual battlefield skills, not social issues

Protests in Iran prove Trump is getting it right

Trump Budget Embraces Numerous Conservative Reforms.  

Stephen Moore: The State of the American Worker — Never Better.  

NY State pays $1.4 million to rehab an old theater; creates 6 jobs

If you haven’t voted in the Staten Island GOP Congressional primary yet:  Take the NY Post’s advice and vote for Congressman Dan Donovan.

The state’s biggest bully broke another rule/law by doing this.   

De Blasio’s latest corrupt scheme: letting his own lawyers lobby him

Why is this news?  He is building his base by donating to democrats and all New Yorkers know he is a democrat.