Daily Update

Our candidate for Governor, Marc Molinaro, has a noteworthy Op-Ed in today’s New York Post:  Here’s how we can finally drain the Albany swamp.  Help Marc Molinaro spread his words to your friends and family who may not read the NY Post, send them the link, and ask them to send to their inner circle.  Together, we can drain the Albany swamp, it all begins with believing we can. Let everyone know what else Marc Molinaro has done just this past week.  

Jonathan Trichter has a new informative video for you here.  (Be sure to double click the arrow.) 

Here are some articles you may have missed over the weekend: Latest cop-killer’s parole is a slap in the face to all New Yorkers;  Cuomo should keep his hands off restaurant workers’ tips; Bronx Councilman Mark Gjonaj gives his nonprofit $130K in taxpayer funds;  9 Times MS-13 Gang Members Posed as Minors, Used Kids to Enter U.S. IllegallyDemocrats refuse to acknowledge safe borders are necessary;  Gang leader ‘sorry’ after innocent teen is butchered in street;  and finally this one which explains a lot – if they don’t worry about paying their campaign debts, they certainly won’t worry about spending your hard earned tax dollars — NYC politicians have racked up thousands in debt

Democrats Have Zero Tolerance for Solutions to Illegal Immigration.

Families of Victims of Illegal Aliens Tell of ‘Permanent Separation’ From Children, Being Ignored by Media.   

The Beat writes about how NYC minimizes violence.

Tom Precious brings us up to date on the Buffalo Billions trial.

Here is another example as to why the public do not trust the media:  U.N. Report Faults Trump For Obama Poverty, Media Fall For It.

But they do trust Dilbert and his creator, Scott Adams, has some good advice for his fans

You know the democrats recognize they have problems when Nancy Pelosi calls out Maxine Waters. 

Robert Knight opines on a crazy way to look at shooters, and reality