Daily Update

New York experienced a political earthquake in yesterday’s congressional primaries when Congressman Joe Crowley lost to a young socialist first time candidate.  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is doing a “happy dance” while Gov. Andrew Cuomo is asking himself “what just happened, did anyone see this coming?” Politico sees it as the Blue Wave being energized by the far left. Of course, Cynthia Nixon capitalizes on it by indicating her endorsement made it possible.  Jim Geraghty gives us some insight as to who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is and what she campaigned on.

There was good news in Staten Island;  Congressman Dan Donovan defeated Michael Grimm in both the Republican and Conservative primaries. 

More good news from the US Supreme Court:  Supreme Court deals blow to unions, rules against forced fees for government workers.   NBC news describes it as “crippling blow.”

Empire Center — focused on the importance of this decision all year —  has this to say about the 5-4 win.   The Beat writes what the decision will mean for New Yorkers.   

UFT bracing for fallout from Supreme Court decision in Janus case.  

Justice Anthony Kennedy to retire – giving President Trump another appointee

Schumer: Forcing Vote on Kennedy‘s Replacement Before the Midterms Would be ‘Absolute Height of Hypocrisy’.  What is hypocritical is Sen. Schumer’s statement.  Or maybe he just does not understand the difference between Mid-Term elections and Presidential elections.  

Bronx teen’s murder proves we need an NYPD gang database.

Law firm that de Blasio owes $300K wins approvals before city boards.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.