Daily Update

The Conservative Action Project is reminding Congress to REPEAL Obamacare

George J. Marlin writes:  Dems Elected Trump by Forgetting Working Class, ‘Flyover Country’.

Trump plans executive action to prevent family separations at border.  Typically, Democrats in no rush to help Trump, GOP clean up family separation mess.  Katie Pavich, examines the Executive Order here

Everyone who supports open borders:  This is a must read

GOP Senators Richard Burr (NC) and Susan Collins (Maine) voted against President Trump’s plan to claw back roughly $15 billion in spending approved by Congress earlier this year.

Every American will miss the brilliant mind of Congressman Trey  Gowdy next year, when he is no longer a Congressman.  

More Stars on the Flag? California Split Vote Has Implications for Entire Country

Census Bureau Has Been Co-Opted by Leftist Ideologues

The Tax Cap is still working…Thanks, Governor.  You know what they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.  In seven plus years, Governor Cuomo does deserve our thanks on the tax cap and continued hope that he will veto the bill, passed by both houses, designed to exclude school district contributions toward regional boards of cooperative educational services (BOCES) capital costs from the tax cap formula, as he did last year.

Michael Bloomberg Will Spend $80 Million on the Midterms. His Goal: Flip the House for the Democrats.

Cuomo, de Blasio are high on hypocrisy over marijuana

The NY Post editorial says:  Cuomo is putting politics first with parolee-voting scheme.  Doesn’t he always put politics first?

Legislature ambles toward end of session with conclusion still unclear.

Grimm’s electability problem could doom GOP (commentary).

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.