Daily Update

Ben Shapiro writes in the Daily Wire:  Here’s All The Proof You Need That Democrats Never Cared About Separation Of Illegal Immigrant Children From Parents.  FoxNews has this report on their website:  Trump immigration order met with shrugs and new demands from Dems: ‘This isn’t over’.

However, the NY Post (and National Review) is reporting that Trump reportedly suspends prosecutions of migrant parents with kids at border until “ICE can accelerate resource capability to allow us to maintain custody.”   The article goes on to say that “the Justice Department said there was no change in policy, adding more confusion to the rapidly developing story.”  Time will tell, but of this I am certain, President Donald J. Trump will put the safety of American citizens first and will continue enforcing immigration law has humanely as possible.  To the Cynthia Nixon’s of the world who stand in Churches calling for the abolition of ICE and believes that New York must become a “real sanctuary state, I say this, the rule of law is what makes America great, and the rule of law says there is a right way to come into anyone’s home:  by invitation, not breaking in.   

The Daily Signal writes:  How Immigration Officials Cooked the Books and Fooled Congress for Years.

Charles Hurt has this to say about the sad legacy of the Obama Border Orphans. 

Cal Thomas opines on the politics behind separation anxiety. 

Larry Horist opines on loving children is not the issue.  Mr. Horist also asks this question:  Are the #NeverTrump folks really willing to destroy America? 

Rejected: Conservative House Immigration Bill Fails.  

Betsy McCaughey has this to say:  China, not Trump, started this trade war.

The Supreme Court gave the country a costly “present” – if you shop on-line.

Mayor de Blasio, do you stay up at night wondering how you can push more people out of New York City?  Or is it just your love of union adoration that makes you squeeze taxpayers pocketbooks dry?

And then there is this:  De Blasio’s failures are fueling the demand for charter schools which means you will have to give the Teacher’s union even more. 

Trump administration proposes merger of Education, Labor Departments.