Daily Update

Mindboggling.  Every mention of voting in the US Constitution refers to “citizen,” how, does U. S. District Judge Julie Robinson reach the conclusion that requiring proof of citizenship violates the 14th Amendment

This is unsettling, just imaging for a moment, the legislation this person would introduce, while being paid by you. 

Conrad Black opines on crime and punishment

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz isn’t finished yet.

Congressman Trey Gowdy: “we can’t survive with a justice system we don’t trust.” 

U.S. to withdraw from U.N. Human Rights Council.

Right reversal, wrong reason.    

Tucker Carlson is right in his assessment

The self-appointed King of New York, AKA Governor Andrew Cuomo, writes to VP Pence to admonish him about “your policy of ripping children from their parents is a moral outrage.”  What is a moral outrage is not upholding the rule of law.   What is also a moral outrage, is the fact that their parents broke the law in coming to America…and you defending their right to do so.  As you note, we are a nation and state of immigrants…LEGAL immigrants that came to America through the front door, not breaking down the back door and sneaking in to take advantage of America’s heart.   You say you will “continue to fight to defend our American values and protect the rights of all New Yorkers,” and then you go on to quote Emma Lazarus.  Well, if you truly want to protect the rights of all New Yorkers, you must assure us that every immigrant comes to New York LEGALLY.

Guy Benson examines Sen. Ted Cruz’s “sensible plan” to possibly resolve this latest crisis. 

Buffalo Billion trial exposes more of Cuomo’s corruption problems.

Ex-SUNY Polytechnic president rigged bids to keep Cuomo happy: prosecutors.  

‘Utopian Petri Dish of America’: San Francisco Tourists Shocked by Conditions.