Daily Update

BREAKING:  Comey defied authority during Clinton probe: inspector general.

Is anyone surprised?  Andrew McCabe wants immunity for testimony on Clinton email probe — or he’ll plead Fifth. 

There is a campaign on to help child victims of sexual abuse, however, the bill that is being pushed by lobbyists and big money contributors is a biased bill.  Read former Associate Justice (of the NY Court of Appeals)  Susan Phillips Reed’s assessment of the Hoylman/Rosenthal Bill here

Critics blast Mayor de Blasio’s school desegregation plan, as well they should.  The Manhattan Institute provides the reasons why Mayor de Blasio is wrong.   

Keith Wofford, the Conservative Party candidate for Attorney General, vows to “Clean House.”

File this under “greed.”

Good advice here:  Watch your wallet until the Legislature goes home

The NY Post editorial makes some very good points on the rush to ok sports gambling. 

Disgraceful:  Obama Administration Secretly Helped Iran Skirt Financial Sanctions

How Chief of ICE Responds to Jerry Brown and Andrew Cuomo on Illegal Immigrants

74 years later, we honor the patriots who saved the world on D-Day:  from the Daily Signal; the Washington Times and the History Channel.  We Salute YOU – the Greatest Generation. 

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