Daily Update

An article in today’s Daily Caller is making everyone aware of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) influence in social media.  The problem with this is that SPLC has a history of inaccuracies and routinely labels conservative organizations as “hate groups.”

The Obama-era program that won’t go away; it isn’t Obamacare, rather it is Obama’s “Operation Chokepoint” designed to investigate and punish businesses that engage in commerce that the Obama administration deemed to be on the “fringe.”   The Obama Administration truly has deep tentacle’s that are almost impossible to disengage.

Jonathan S. Tobin writes in the National Review on-line what the left has planned for its next crusade.  While the possible bill language sounds innocent enough, it is not. 

Social Security is rapidly going insolvent.  For the first time since 1982, Social Security is dipping into tis reserves.  If it continues on this path, recipients will face an automatic 21% decrease.  Even with this devasting news there are politicians who want to give illegal immigrants all the benefits afforded to citizens, which would only bring Social Security to insolvency much sooner than 2034.   Guy Benson notes that Medicare is in the same awful shape, perhaps even worse.   Both could be stabilized, if politicians only had the backbone to do it. 

It is way past the time to cut programs like this.  Congress must examine where our tax dollars are going, and end grants that are predestined to reach the conclusions the applicants want.  Here is another study that is a waste of taxpayer’s hard- earned dollars. 

One more reason to never give up, despite what the doctors tell you

NYC’s top schools wouldn’t survive de Blasio’s testing plan.  Bob McManus takes the Mayor to task on his latest boondoggle idea.  BREAKING Speaker Heastie says bill will not be taken up this session, but will be considered in 2019.  It is time for us to organize against this movement. 

George Soros pours money into DA races; does he earn some of that money from these races?  (Just a rhetorical question as the blog needed to lighten up a bit today. I wonder if Soros will be the big winner of the day.)