Daily Update

Senate Majority Leader cancels August recess…citing Democrats’ “obstruction” and the need to pass spending bills. 

The Daily Signal examines Trump’s and Mueller’s Constitutional Powers. 

The editors of National Review call yesterday’s Supreme Court decision Broad Enough to Matter.  Wesley Pruden opining in the Washington Times says the gay times roll, but the Supremes stop the music.

Bill Hammond asks the question, “Is the death spiral back?”

R. J. Lehmann opines in National Review on-line that New York’s Assault on the NRA Sets a Dangerous Precedent.  This is a loophole that has to be closed

Here is another proposal that is a dangerous precedent, put forward by the new Attorney General in NYS. 

Chairman Long signs on to Conservative Action Project’s latest petition:  CONSERVATIVES OPPOSE “AMNESTY” DISCHARGE PETITION.  Read it here

It is unusual that the NY Post editorial board runs consecutive editorials on the same subject.  Today is the 2nd day blasting Mayor de Blasio’s plan to diversify the city’s 8 elite high schools

Molinaro blasts Cuomo for keeping donor cash after film studio flop

Poland’s Catholic Church bucks Pope Francis’ liberal embrace.  Kudos to Poland’s Catholics. 

William McGurn, writing the in the Wall Street Journal, wants to know what the FBI knows, when did it know it and how did it learn it?

This article by Cheryl K. Chumley is one that should be widely distributed on social media and to your friends. 

Dennis Prager opines on Google’s new slogan.

Guy Benson:  US Restores Top Ranking As Most Competitive Global Economy, As Democrats Fret.

Taxing the Rich? Assembly wants money spread around.  Note this paragraph, “Taxing the wealthy in New York City is once again part of a discussion for bolstering the ailing New York City subway system, a move that’s unlikely to take place this legislative session considering opposition in the state Senate. (emphasis added).  It is extremely important that this November voters delivers a Republican/Conservative majority to the Senate.  The Democrats will deliver ever increasing taxes if they are not held in check; the wealthy will move out of New York State and you will pay the ever-increasing taxes.